Monday, February 9, 2009

This Seemed Like More Fun 24 Hours Ago

Remember when Tony Adams was fired?

Amazingly it was just yesterday. Shit Chelsea won't even let Arsenal has-beens have the headlines for a full news cycle. Thanks Roman.

Anyway, when we heard the news, we did the first thing anybody does anymore. We went to Wikipedia. Not to confirm that Adams had actually been fired, but to find out who his replacement was.

Wikipedia isn't just for information. It's for telling the future. Or at least it seems that way, as bits of tid have a peculiar habit of turning up there before any other source (legitimate or otherwise) seems capable of finding them.

So first, someone posited that Alan Curbishley—whose real first name it turns out is Llewellyn (Alan is a good choice, then)—had (or would) replace him. See the top pic above (and click to enlarge).

Of course once that got edited out, the wisdom of the group had no more wisdom to impart. Only questions. See below (and you really need to click on it to see the larger version so you can read it):

Finally, the truth was posted. Nobody has the job. Vacant.

Then the truth was changed and was made even truthier: It was put in lower case and italicized. And really italics are how you know it's finally the truth.

The last one isn't that interesting except for the fact that, because it was changed again, we're theorizing that someone else was given the job on wikipedia while we weren't looking. Perhaps Avram Grant.

Anyway, some people have far too much time on their hands. And we have even more so that we can take screeshots of it.

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