Sunday, February 8, 2009

UF Quick Throw: Three Weeks For Adebayor

Same as Steive G. It's it's a three week vacation for Emmanuel Adebayor. Not good for the Gunners, but not devastating as, since getting his raise, the Togolese striker has been underwhelming. At least Wenger has the correct assessment of the situation: "We have plenty of strikers."


Spectator said...

Bendtner, Arshavin, Eduardo & Vela. Now, if only Cesc and Walcott would come back, maybe we'd have a midfield too. And to think we easily could've had Diarra and Palacios alongside Nasri and Cesc. *sigh*

Autoglass said...

Arsenal are a mess. Chelsea are a mess. Liverpool are a mess. Villa? Eh, well done, lads. And none of us are even arguing the point. United are going to run away with the Premiership. This is not a good thing. Yet England seems to rejoice in United resuming their "rightful" throne.

Goat said...

Let's hope he only pulled his hammy and not his rosicky as well.