Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh Boy, It's the Annual Deloitte Football Club Rich List!

If it's February, that must mean that the annual football "rich list" is out from Deloitte. You see, each year Deloitte compiles the publicly available gross revenues of football clubs and comes up with the aptly titled list. Here it is for the 2007-08 season....

1) Real Madrid: £289.6m
2) Man Utd: £257.1m
3) Barcelona: £244.4m
4) Bayern Munich: £233.8m
5) Chelsea: £212.9m
6) Arsenal: £209.3m
7) Liverpool: £167m
8) AC Milan: £165.8m
9) AS Roma: £138.9m
10) Inter Milan: £136.9m

According to the Beeb, "the other English clubs in the top 20 are Tottenham Hotspur (14th), Newcastle United (17th) and Manchester City (20th)."

The big news is that Real Madrid has displaced Man U, who were tops in 2006-07, but apparently dropped due to the weakening pound. However, the Daily Telegraph is reporting that Man U are about to announce that they are the first club with a yearly gross revenue over £300 million. The difference is due to their licensing deal with Nike, which likely isn't subject to public disclosure and thus not part of the Deloitte survey. For a point of comparison, the NY Yankees had gross revenue of 327 million dollars in 2007 (although that is expected to roughly double with their new stadium).

Meaning that, the rich continue to get richer.

(Also, I suspect that Arsenal at #6 is a bit misleading. It might not fully take into account the hit on the Highbury apartments with the downturn in the economy, and don't forget that Arsenal actually made money in the 2007-08 transfer market. In other words, this only shows that Arsene is a stingy bastard.)


Andrew said...

This is wealth by revenue, correct? How about actual worth of a team (not including loan debt)? The English clubs will surely suffer in this economic climate.

Spectator said...

That's correct, this list is gross revenue. Forbes calculates the overall value of teams. New list should be out later this year.

Sarah said...

Moneyball was a really interesting read.

jjf3 said...

Agreed. I finished it off in one weekend after a friend got it for me for my birthday. I already understood what Beane was doing from an economic/larger viewpoint, but my single biggest take-away was how ruthlessly he did it. A GM who loves to interact in the clubhouse with his players? Nothing new. One who can then trade/cut the same said players the moment they aren't as positive in "value" as someone else he can obtain instead? Wow...I know I don't have that type of personality, even if I could see the economic arguments and agree with them...