Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday Backpasses: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

How could I have not predicted Dos a Cero? Also, eff Rafa Marquez right in the pants.

Ever wonder how many English managers have gotten the sack since SAF took over at Man U? It's 923 (and counting) [The Beautiful Game]
Some speculative mock-ups of the new Arsenal away shirt. Looks Seattle Sounders-y [EPL Talk]
Robbie Savage wears Uggs [Kickette]

Cristiano Ronaldo's new woman. With SFW pics [The Sun]
Adebayor wins CAF PotY, new hat [The Sun]
Lamps does to EBJT what Spain did to England [Off the Post]

TFA tells us that this article says that these NSFW pics are Ronaldinho's new girlfriend. Kinda want [Bild]


phil said...

Anyone see Paco Ramirez slap Hajduk after the match? Univision has the tape.

Andrew said...

Mexico reminds me of Tottenham. Anyone else struck by that?

machine gooner funk said...

those arsenal kits are shit. it should be white with burgundy (2005 highbury kit) sleeves. white shorts and burgundy socks. thats a fly kit