Monday, February 9, 2009

Sundhage Sets Algarve Cup Roster

Don't they look excited to be in Algarve?**

Coach Pia Sundhage announced the 18-player roster for the USWNT's play in the Algarve Cup, which takes place from March 4-11 in Portugal (in Algarve, obviously). The US is in Group B, and will face Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (Scandanivian trifecta!) in group play. A traditional power in the tournament, the USWNT has appeared 14 times and won 6 times, including from 2003-2005, 2007, and 2008 (also losing to Germany in the 2006 finals). The Algarve Cup is generally considered to be the 4th most important women's tournament in international play, behind the World Cup, the Olympics, and the UEFA Championship (umm, hooray?).

Coach Sundhage's roster will be missing Abby Wambach, as she is still recovering from her injury, and will include only WPS players. The roster is as follows:

1. Hope Solo (GK) - St. Louis Athletica
2. Heather Mitts (D) - Boston Breakers
3. Christie Rampone (D) - Sky Blue FC
4. Rachel Buehler (D) - FC Gold Pride
5. Lindsay Tarpley (M) Chicago Red Stars
6. Natasha Kai (F) - Sky Blue FC
7. Shannon Boxx (M) - Los Angeles Sol
8. Amy Rodriguez (F) - Boston Breakers
9. Heather O'Reilly (M) - Sky Blue FC
10. Carli Lloyd (M) - Chicago Red Stars
12. Angie Woznuk (M) - St. Louis Athletica
13. Kendall Fletcher (D) - Los Angeles Sol
15. Megan Rapinoe (F) - Chicago Red Stars
16. Angela Hucles (F) - Boston Breakers
17. Lori Chalupny (D) - St. Louis Athletica
18. Nicole Barnhart (GK) - FC Gold Pride
19. Tina DiMartino (M) - FC Gold Pride
21. Kacey White (M) - Sky Blue FC

Woznuk, Fletcher, Rapinoe and DiMartino are the least-capped members of the squad although each has been to at least 1 Algarve Cup previously.

**Photo Credit: Brad Smith, International Sports Images


Mike Georger said...

I understood three of the five words in this article's title.

The NY Kid said...

Sets...Cup Roster?

Keith said...

As someone who would like to see WPS succeed, let me just say:

SKY BLUE FC?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?! REALLY??????

Mike Georger said...

Indeed. Though Algarve is only a slight modification from Agave. Sweet, sweet agave.

The NY Kid said...

Personally, I find "FC Gold Pride" to be the more distasteful name. I mean, they sound like they play in the Gay Aussie League

Keith said...

Gold Pride is bad, but Sky Blue sounds like the owner asked his 5-year old daughter what to call the team, and this was the second thing she blurted out, after "PONIES!!!!!"

Keith said...

And of course, Sky Blue happens to be the NYC team.

/I hate you WPS.

Mike Georger said...

Sammy Davis Junior the Pony FC

Feel the excitement!

Anonymous said...

I think I'll root for Sky Blue FC becuase they sound like a Wilco song.

/3rd grader voice

The Fan's Attic said...

i'd like a scandanavian trifecta, please.

jjf3 said...

I actually woke up early to watch the US matches during the China WC, but is it still wrong of me that I'd really like the WPS to feature Heather Mitts, Hope Solo, and one each of the Swedish and Brazilian teams (can't remember their particular names) playing in the rain and in limited/non-existent clothing? Just curious...

Precious Roy said...

jj3, I was actually thinking "How long until the women have to play in bikini tops to get ratings enough to make the league work?"

Mike Georger said...

Honestly I don't even think that would work. College volleyball is about as close to that as we can get, and a lot of them are better looking than mid thirties soccer players, and I don't think they get very good ratings.
I've got further theories on this, but I don't think they'd be appropriate.

jjf3 said...

Hell, I would have settled for guaranteed rain...that said, I wonder where the tipping point is...its very clear that people in England and the US are not interested in female sports like they are in male sports. Despite that, I wonder what the "way in" is for female sports - if Arsenal is the best female team in England, and the WPS is paying so much more that their best player comes here, what's next? I fucking hate Sepsis Blather, but isn't "that" the ultimate answer? Then again, the Scandinavians seem to appreciate the game, and I do not have an internal issue with the game existing...but I just don't see how it works here...