Friday, February 13, 2009

Common People: Part II

Hey remember last week when Wayne and Colleen Rooney used a half-off voucher at a local eatery because they were such regular down to earth folks despite being worth £35M?

No? Well, here's a refresher.

Anyway, it turns out the Rooneys really are everyday people just like you and me. And to prove it, Colleen (that's the quartering back shot of her above) spent the night in a £2000 per hotel suite. Sweet.

Even better it caught fire.

Okay the story is just about how her hotel suite had an electrical fire (wow, that's a high power blow dryer). Despite the smoke and the flames, fortunately, no harm was done to either Mrs. Rooney or her stuff. But the article does mention the cost of the room. And that little tidbit makes a nice bookend to the story from last week about Wayne wanting to save less than £15.

In fairness, Colleen Rooney probably isn't ponying up the money for the suite. You are. Sort of. Follow us here.

Rooney was in London filming for a new reality modeling show. So the cost of the hotel was probably covered by the production budget. ITV spends that money. And when the show goes to air, they charge advertisers (hopefully) more than it cost to produce and air. That's how they make money. The companies advertising hopefully intend to sell products, and the cost of that advertising winds up in those very products that you buy. So, if you buy anything advertised on that show, you're kind of paying for her hotel room. More or less.

The Rooneys. They should be their own reality series. Do they have that yet? Because people would totally watch them drink and dance and screw.

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