Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Hope this makes up for it

Deuce wore some pretty sweet boots last night. If only they had 2-0 on there [The Offside Rules]
Tic-Tac recreate the Everton goal that was missed by ITV watchers in England [101 Great Goals]
Fernando Torres makes many ads, all bad [Anorak]

Didier Drogba does not respect the cleaning lady. In other news, being a home cleaner apparently pays well in London [The Spoiler]
Ugly footballers with hot WAGs [Uncoached]

13 hottest Italian-born WAGs. NSFW and no Mrs. Buffon. Apparently she's Czech [WhyGo Italy]


jjf3 said...

If that was an actual woman who selected that Italy group, and she looks even remotely like anyone in that group (and I'll stretch "remotely" like plastic-man), I might be in love. Follows soccer (to the point of knowing Italian WAGS), can appreciate a good-looking woman's curves, and is willing to rank them? I'll gladly ignore the Buffon oversight...shit, I'm damn near ready to marry her...

Precious Roy said...

That's not even a good pic of Ilary Blasi.

Buffon's wife: and this pic is in NO WAY SAFE FOR WORK.

Jessica said...

It was, indeed, an actual woman who chose that list. I know because I am said woman. And believe me, I'm working on a future list that will allow Mrs. Buffon to appear, because I think she might be the most gorgeous WAG ever. But for the first couple, I was focusing just on Italian women. (Yes, there's now a second list of Italian WAGs on the site.)

Precious Roy said...

Hey Jessica, thanks for dropping in. Not sure if you're single, but it's Valenine's and all and, uh, I think jjf3 kinda proposed or something.

Jessica said...

Yes, I noticed that. I'm flattered, really, but I think my husband might have an issue with it. :)