Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's Update Brought To You By The Numbers 6 & 9

Remember Nives Celzijus? She of the ample bosom, healthy sexual appetite and fetish for outdoor sex. Stupid question, of course you do. Well, she and her husband are back in the news today, this time because the Bundesliga will not allow the Karlsruhe loanee Dino Drpic wear jersey number 69. Apparently, it is verboten in a land that has many nudists, legalized prostitution, a former pro female soccer player turned stripper, and a women's club that was willing to take their clothes off for a sponsor.

If you recall, Dino was sent packing from his Croatian club after his wife revealed she and Dino had sex in the middle circle at the stadium. Karlsruhe doesn't seem to mind the attention, but the Bundesliga does, so Drpic has been saddled with the number associated with the missionary position--11.*

In further Celzijus news, it seems the middle circle sex just is not enough for this exhibitionist. In an interview with Bild (trust me, it's in German), Nives reveals her greatest dream is to have sex on the roof of the Bernabeu, the Real Madrid stadium. Let's see if we can get Drpic transferred again and set up a pay-per-view for Ms. Celzijus.

Other tidbits from that interview. Nives just doesn't think things are quite right with Posh. Posh just isn't genuine with her big fake breasts. Luckily for her, she says, Mother Nature has not disadvantaged her in that area. The Croatian goes on to savage Beckham, saying Dino is a real man and Becks just doesn't interest her. Unfortunately, she does go on to admit that besides Dino, Cristiano Ronaldo is the fairest footballer of them all.

We can be sure to expect to hear more from Nives in the future. She does not seem too shy.

*May not be what the number is associated with.


ΓΌ75 said...

Bixente Lizarazu laughs at Drpic's clumsy mishandling of the 69 number issue

Ibracadabra said...

I found this page by googling "Sex on a Roof."

The Fan's Attic said...

sex on a roof is the leading cause for the need to have a fan in the attic.