Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's So On! High School Girls Game Turns into Brawl

What can turn a simple girls high school soccer match in Fresno, California into a brawl? All we know is that Reedley (pictured) and Sanger High Schools' match devolved into a "battle of the Joquian Valley." According to the latest report from the Fresno Bee, while investigation is still ongoing, the brawl led to one player being hospitalized, plus four players and two coaches getting ejected.

Reedley and Sanger are both near Fresno, in the heart of the truck farming valley, not even fifteen miles apart. The chain of events seemed to have been the following:

Two players tangled and fell to the ground. The Sanger player started punching the Reedley player about 5 yards from a referee. Benches cleared and several punches were thrown before coaches and administrators intervened.

After the fight, three Reedley players and one Sanger player were ejected.

An unidentified Reedley assistant also was thrown out, and Reedley coach Stan Kanawyer was ejected soon after for making illegal substitutions. One Reedley player who was head-butted during the incident did not return.
It's obvious they have not been watching their Premier League matches, because they would of learned a few tricks on throwing punches while "helping" the other player up.

Reedley has a match against Edison High this afternoon, while Sanger is playing at Bullard. Here's hoping that cooler heads will prevail.


The Fan's Attic said...

Don King has already signed on to promote the rematch.

Andrew said...

I thought the female football post for the year had already been done?

Or are we filing this under "I've seen pornos that start this way . . .?"

MoonshineMike said...

we're moving from "one female soccer post a year" to "one a month". Also, Valentine's day is close and we want to reach out...