Monday, June 15, 2009

Footballer Vacay Roundup

While there may be exciting footy action going on in South Africa right now, not all of the footballing world is watching. Those ballers not participating are enjoying the time off and doing what all footballers love to do in the summer...go to warm weather climes and sit by the water.

This weekend roundup begins with the most talked about footballer in the land--Cristiano Ronaldo.

As you know, CRonaldo spent a night late last week in Paris. That would be Paris Hilton not Paris, France. After in-depth discussions about the proper hair product, Ronaldo jetted off to Las Vegas. Presumably to take in the other Fake Paris in the States. Ronaldo spent the evening in a Vegas nightclub surrounded by women hoping he would make it rain for them. Unfortunately for them, all the money he threw around just got stuck in his hair gel.

Never fear though, as the stress of drinking and preening was taken away as Ronaldo was manhandled poolside. And I do mean manhandled and he received a massage from an older gentleman.

No comment. [Photo: Daily Mail]

To make up for that unsettling scene above, I give you Cheryl Cole.

Is that the Holy Grail? Or is it just a mirrored cup above the chalice? [Photo: Daily Mail]

Cheryl and her husband Ashley were spending some quality time, presumably celebrating him not cheating on her that rat bastard, in the South of France.

Meanwhile, Spurs man, Jermaine Jenas, dug in his heels with an unnamed WAG in Spain. She's quite the licker.

[Photo: Daily Mail]


Nathaniel said...

WTF is that on Cole's thigh? Way to ruin what little you had going for you, Cheryl.

And when did UF become Kickette-esque?

Where are the shots of Deco with the latest chick he's knocked up? Where is Cisse in a sparkling Speedo?

J/K, guys...

Goat said...

Unlike some other Spurs (Ledley King), it looks like Jenas can hold his licker.

The Fan's Attic said...

what? you want less pictures of WAGs?

phil said...

Tweedy, Tweedy, Tweedy
She cannot fucking sing
And when she's shagging Ashley Cole
She dreams of Ledley King

phil said...

Come on, any Spurs fan will tell that Jenas is surely a premature ejaculator.

Always a disappointment, that lad.

The Fan's Attic said...

anybody else having trouble with the view of this post on the main page? Lingering says it's all Picassoed on the front page.

Lola said...

You cut the best bit off that top picture.

There's a girl just to the right who has her hand over her face like she's trying hide from the horror in front of her.

She looks like she wants some serious brain bleach.