Friday, June 19, 2009

Exploding Eggs And Blood Clotted Legs.

Ah, the glamorous life of footballers. Holidays in the sun, high salaries, top restaurants and wags, wags, wags. But wait, that summer lifestyle is not for all footballers is it? Or maybe someone forgot to tell Rangers defender Kirk Broadfoot about the summer fun. Poor Kirk Broadfoot.

First he tried to cook an egg in the microwave and got.. Er...Egg on his face, hot egg, resulting in a trip to the hospital and treatment on his eyes. And now he is stuck home while his team mates try to tag new wags in exotic locations around the globe.

Broadfoot is worried that his ankle injury may develop a blood clot if he flies. Oh man. Poor Kirk. Maybe he can spend the summer learning how to cook breakfast.

Now, while cooking an egg in the microwave is for idiots, not to mention the darn thing will taste like rubber, there are some easy ways to enjoy your eggs.

Here at UF Headquarters we like to help out misguided, unfortunate and retarded footballers, so just for Kirk, here are some links to simple recipes we've tried in the UF kitchen. Recipes that don't involve the Emergency Room or a microwave.

Eggs Benedict. Poached Eggs.Good old fashioned boiled egg.And finally the Omlette.

Now that Kirk has his eggs, may I suggest he pops that injured peg up on a cushion and sails through the season 3 dvd of the Mighty Boosh? That should keep him busy until the preseason schedule kicks in.

All Kirk needs now is a wag to keep him company. For footballers, those are not in short (NSFW) supply are they?

The Mighty Boosh...A teaser for Kirk...

Oh go on then...Happy Friday.

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