Friday, June 19, 2009

Oliver Kahn to Scare One Billion People

Chinese television producers are aiming to give kids in their country nightmares for decades to come a shot at being Beijing's Next Top Keeper.

Former three-time World's Best Goalkeeper winner and German legend Oliver Kahn will host a reality show in China aiming to find the country's next Number 1. And he's treating it as serious business.

"We don't want to do an empty and meaningless, mindless casting show," he said, without mentioning Heidi Klum, who hosts model search shows in Germany and the US. "And I don't want to be the one who 'talks big' and disses or offends the young candidates when they don't succeed."
Yeah take that Heidi. You might be pretty and all but you are empty.

The 10-part series will be about more than just goalkeeping though as Kahn aims to give the Chinese a "road map to success." Hopefully there will be lessons on how to look intimidating before ultimately losing your job to someone taller but less skilled (cough *Jens* cough).


Spectator said...


Precious Roy said...

I both love and am terrified of Oliver Kahn at the same time.

Spectator said...

That picture makes me laugh.

The Fan's Attic said...

Kahn is great, except when he's stonewalling Americans.

This will be excellent.

Goat said...

Is UF blocked in China? You need a Chinese correspondent to check this out.

Precious Roy said...

Spectator, I totally picked it based off it's Cap'n Kirk-ness.