Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick Throw: Thomas Vermaelen Is a Gunner

Arsenal needed defenders and went out and got one. Thomas Vermaelen officially signed a four-year deal, with a transfer fee of up to £10m going to Ajax. I'm assuming that this is a good purchase -- for all of the complaining about Wenger's transfer policy, at least there can be no complaints about his recent scouting (Arshavin, Nasri, Sagna, etc.).

[Official page -- that was fast!]


EbullientFatalist said...

I like this buy - Toure needs a better center back partner than Billy Gauloise. And isn't Gallas headed to PSG?

Spectator said...

Well, this might mean that Toure is off to Citeh. If that happens, maybe Arsenal goes after Bassong? Again, no complaints because the defense needed some serious rejiggering.

Mike Georger said...

There was a guy at the Phish show last night wearing a blank Arsenal jersey, desperately trying to sell an extra ticket for twenty bucks. I offered him thirty if he'd burn his jersey in front of me. Pussy wouldn't do it.

jape said...

I can dig it. Captain of Ajax must count for some kind of character. How's it said? Ver-MAY-lin?

MG - did he have to give the ticket as well, or just $30 for the shirt burn? Did he think you were a scum fan?

Mike Georger said...

Just for the shirt burn.