Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moral Victory

We talked a bit below about the moral victories of the USMNT with regards to playing the big names well in big tournaments. I can exclusively reveal (as much as anyone can that's citing a newspaper article) that the US has already secured a real victory against Giuseppe Rossi's Italian team in 2009 that will carry into 2010.

We stole their home.

In a move that strikes me as just a little presumptive given the USA's away form in qualifiers thus far, the USMNT has secured their hotel and training spot for South Africa next year. And yes, they stole it from under the noses of the Italians who are staying there for the Confederations Cup and presumably looked to secure it for next year. Take that, baby thieves!

Here's what the entrance to Southdowns College training facility looks like right now

Ha ha! Eat it, Eye Ties. You won't be able to use that next year

Presumably, it will be changed for next year.

As the linked article points out, if the Italians do want to use the hotel and training facility, all they have to do is wait out the group stage. Give it three games and the US will be going home.


Precious Roy said...

Bonus for the South Africans... Paint over the stars and change the green patches to blue and they can use the same psuedo-facade.

WhiteSpeedReceiver said...

I thought this was going to be a story about somebody damaging Rossi's childhood home in New Jersey. Very disappointing.