Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The text below the dotted line was my start to a quick throw, but the news just came down about who will be at the Showdown In Chinatown this year on June 24.

Behold from Steve Nash's facebook page:

SHOWDOWN IN CHINATOWN NYC 2009!! Come see THIERRY HENRY of Barcelona, JAVIER ZANETTI and IVAN CORDOBA of Inter Milan, SALOMON KALOU of Chelsea, RYAN BABEL - Liverpool, MATHIEU FLAMINI of AC Milan, ADRIAN MUTU of Fiorentina, and 4x World Cup Captain CLAUDIO REYNA! Along with NBA stars TONY PARKER, JASON KIDD, GRANT HILL, RAJA BELL, CHRIS BOSH and MUCH more surprises to come!

Nice.....I'm sure there are jokes to be had about Mutu, Babel and Grant Hill but none here right now. Just enjoy. Also enjoy the video I started out writing about below. It's fun.

[Also note that Showdown is for charity and you have chance to win a trip if you donate...info here.]

Mathieu Flamini left Arsenal last summer for AC Milan and thus he kinda dropped off the UF radar. But, UF has found him again. Actually, Steve Nash found him and asked him to play a pickup game in NYC and we are just poaching the information. We don't find anything except ways to waste time at work.

The video is best viewed with the sound on but it is a bit blue so you may want to turn the volume low. Notice that this is the same field where the Showdown in Chinatown took place last year, and we are guessing will be the locale for this year's version that Steve Nash has been quietly pimping.


Sarah said...

Why do you have to be 21 to enter the contest?

I don't want to drink alcohol Steve, I just want to see Titi play!!

The TJK said...

You think it's a coincidence that Nash invited Robbie Fowler and Mutu in separate years?

Travis W. said...

For a complete list of all the players, you can check out www.callerepublic.com on Thursday the 18th. I got an email from them announcing they are going to list the complete list on their home page or something.

The Fan's Attic said...

of note: Giovanni Van "Brockhurst" is listed as participating in the Chinatown on Steve Nash's website.

The Fan's Attic said...

wrong link...here is the correct one.

The Fan's Attic said...

Yao Ming listed on the homepage as well, but I doubt he's participating since he broke his foot in the NBA playoffs.