Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Backpasses: Better now

Update on a previous story: Clemson coach arrested for assault and battery in April--presumed to be on his daughters--has resigned today.

If you go to Duke and read this website, we require you to take this class [The Offside Rules]
Ronaldo is not a good house flipper [The Spoiler]
South American soccer my be crazy, but it has nothing on Romanian soccer [Dirty Tackle]
CSKA Sofia plans to go with Bulgarian players only [The Offside]
Spain go on Safari. Xabi Alonso took out an elephant at the knee, I think [The Beautiful Game]

Rossi and Jozy are conflicted [Fan Nation]
Tottenham's new GK shirts even worse than the yellow stripe ones [Pies]
GolTV are likely very happy with Real Madrid's buying spree [ATD]
Looking at the spending support of EPL managers [EPL Talk]
First Round Carling Cup draw is done [Sky Sports]

Get well soon, Sylvie [ONTD_FB]


Mike Georger said...

That EPL Talk post was well debunked in the comments, the numbers are just wrong. No fault of theirs, they used a bad resource is all.

Even if Rafa spent more money, the fact that only two of the players on the books now were there when he came in is a rather stunning fact when you look at what he has spent.

Also, Alonso took out Cesc's knee in practice today.

ü75 said...

That was the reference for Xabi.

I hadn't looked at the EPL Talk post since this afternoon, but I thought it was slanted from the get-go.

Mike Georger said...

Figured as much.

And looking at the Bulgarian roster, there are no less than five Dimitars. What a shit name.