Friday, June 19, 2009

UF After Dark: Derby County FC Finally Scores

So far here at UF we've introduced you to Eva Roob and Danny Mountain, both former football players who turned to pr0n to make a buck. Now, thanks to one of our most dedicated readers (you know who you are!), we are very proud to show you even more football pr0n....

These are stills from the latest straight-to-Internets video titled "I'm Looking for My Balls" (not making that one up!). The video features English pornstar Kieran Lee (but not this Kieran Lee formerly of ManU), who isn't a Derby County player, but he is from Derby, England and does wear a Derby kit throughout the video, including during the, uh, action. Way to show your support for the team! We're guessing that he learned a thing or two from former-Derby County manager Paul Jewell.

More pics after the jump. No actual nudity but still NFSW. Although, we've saved the really raunchy pictures for our personal collection.

Punchline: For once the Rams give it to someone else in the ass!


The Fan's Attic said...


Not for safe work?

Eladio said...

Why not bring Willie the Shark in for a 3-way?