Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Backpasses: I hate everything about everything right now

I don't care what the blogfather says, I'm calling for a UF fatwa on Giuseppe Rossi. First one to get a pie in his face on camera gets one of the to-be-revealed-in-Bal'more UF t-shirts on me.

Maybe a little less messin' around with these sort of shenanigans and the US could have pulled out a point today [VOA News]
Jermaine Jones will not be available for the US until October, at which point he will pick up an immediate red card [SBI]
Ha ha, MLS. You're attendance is teh suxxors [MLS Daily]

Ha ha, Real Madrid. No league win for you. The bookies don't lie [The Spoiler]
Ha ha, France. You can't even win your own youth tournament [World Cup Blog]
Ha ha, humanity. You can't schedule the EPL without the aid of computers [BBC]

Finally, some non-hate:
Carolina Panthers' WR Steve Smith has a pretty cool attitude on the game we love. He wishes he had grown up with it, and makes sure his son is into it. Downside--the kid is a Chelsea fan [Rock Hill Herald]


Mike Georger said...

One pie in LB's face coming right up.

The Likely Lad said...

Forget the pie... i'm calling for a Mugatu-style egging!

ü75 said...

Rossi's face, Georger. My bad for being unclear.

Mike Georger said...

Oh, it was perfectly clear. My statement stands though.

Lingering Bursitis said...

Oh Georger, you don't have the balls to do such a thing. At least that's what your mother said.