Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guess Who Wants to Get Robbed?

Well, besides players that sign to go to Anfield.

It's Americans. We have the highest demand for World Cup 2010 tickets. USA! USA! What recession? There's a country that doesn't know we're shitty tourists. Never mind that 55% of people who were able to refinance their mortgages are already over a month delinquent*. We've got a country to visit to watch a sport apparently we don't care about. Let's get going.

According to the Guardian:

Interest in the packages, including tickets, concessions and parking, for the tournament in South Africa has soared in the past month in the United States and Canada, said Keith Bruce, president of SportsMark Management Group, the exclusive sales agent within North America for the event. "We received double or even triple the number of inquiries into our website versus the prior 30-day period."
The Guardian notes that its corporate sales are handled through something called Match Hospitality. They license internationally to companies like SportsMark, which is a subsidiary of Omnicon Group. Omnicon is a massive advertising company that is in turn owned by GloboChem

Anyway, this is all long hand for saying that Bruce is talking about corporate packages for the World Cup.

So American companies are laying off people left and right and afraid to be seen entertaining in the swank seats at Yankee Stadium but if you're the right client, apparently there are African perks awaiting you in 2010.

Woo hoo. USA! USA!

[*Note: Irresponsible journalism alert... Can't source this, but pretty sure it was the number I heard on CNBC yesterday]


Mike Georger said...

"We received double or even triple the number"

That's some stellar math there Bruce, which is it?

hockalees said...


It's complicated... they received 2 inquiries the first month, and 5 the second. So has it doubled or tripled?

epiblast said...

it's double-and-a-halfed?