Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Those Who Can't Do, Offer Expert Analysis

At least he has his good looks. (photo from the BBC)

Since when did getting fired from a job make you an expert on the very job you failed to perform?

Steve McClaren is more annoying now than when he actually held a meaningful position. There goes Second Choice Steve, giving a world class coach advice on how to win "the England way" (what exactly does he know about winning, England way or otherwise?). There he goes again, saying Beckham deserves to get his 100th cap, nevermind that Becks would have gotten the century mark under his stewardship if he hadn't insisted on leaving him off his squad until way too late in the Euro qualifying campaign or sucking as a coach.

So when I scour the headlines, just seeing the name "McClaren" causes my eyes to go into a Pavlovian roll. And sure enough, the is spouting crap again:

The MLS is developing but it’s not of the standard required for international football.
That's odd, because less than six months ago, McClaren had this to say about the league's level of play after watching Becks in his first MLS match:
It was a good standard. It was possibly Championship top half, lower Premier... I understand the concerns, but he will be OK. Maybe playing in central midfield, he will get more of the ball, do more running and get more involved and that might help him.
Gosh, someone's a lot more candid now that he doesn't have any bridges to burn, isn't he? And really, the Premiership's just doing a bang up job of developing goalies and strikers.


Bigus Dickus said...

Beat me to it old chap. He also said "I didn't have good enough players" Whats the old saying? A bad workman blames his tools. This guy needs to be stopped. Setanta!!!Stop hiring this clown.

Spectator said...

Who's the fat commentator on Setanta with the greasy hair and dirty, upturned collars? Even with the sound off at Kinsale I can tell that he's a major a-hole.