Friday, January 25, 2008

Is Waterlooville near Pinacoladaburg?

Waterlooville Sunset's Fine.

It's an FA Cup weekend. We'll see if Liverpool can finally make a bitch of a lesser opponent. It's going to be tough as they host non-leaguers Havant and Waterlooville [Note: mp3 link], the only side in English football that stole their name from a second rate Monty Python knockoff.

I'm sure nobody at the FA is reading this because I'm not sure any of them are literate (hey, these are the people that hired Steve McLaren) but here's a modest proposal. And it doesn't involve eating Irish babies.

Uh, what's the biggest untapped market in all of fĂștbol? And what is going on in said market this weekend? The correct answers are "the US" and "fuck all." If you got both right, congrats, you're now qualified to manage Fulham.

Imagine if the weekend's match-ups included, say, Arsenal v. Man U; and Chelsea v. Liverpool and they were given late kicks, say, 20:00 GMT. Give Americans just long enough to panic and realize there might not be shit besides golf on TV. Then give them a cushion so that can not only find a bar, but they can get their BAC up to something near "impaired."

Instead the one weekend on the sports calendar where rabid sports fans on this side of the pond have no fucking clue how to occupy their time, the FA gives the world Blackburn v. Villa.

I'm not suggesting the FA tailor its schedule to work around the NFL, but it would be fucking an ideal time for another "Grand Slam Saturday" (Or Sunday) if the FA had tailored its schedule to work around the NFL. Or at least complement it.


That said...the scores for next week. Numbers ahead of time, teams affixed after midweek fixtures.


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