Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scandals. Italian Football. Surely not!

Inter beat Parma last weekend thanks to a rather dodgy penalty call that left the Italian press (or at least those in Rome, Turin, and half of Milan) crying foul.

Of course referees favoring big clubs is about as Italian as Peroni, falling governments, and Fiats. But the odd thing is that Milan or Juventus historically have gotten the calls, not Inter. Clearly Berlusconi and the Angelli family are not bribing the right people at the Italian FA anymore.

Paolo Bandini writes in the Guardian that:

Now - although there's no concrete evidence to back them up - the whispers are back. Insinuations that Inter benefit from too many questionable decisions have been brewing all season, and yesterday's controversy comes just one week after they were awarded a far more dubious spot-kick at Siena. Before Calciopoli, many Italians would talk of the sudditanza psicologica - psychological subjection - suffered by referees, a supposed involuntary mental shift which caused them to unconsciously favour big clubs. More and more, the term is creeping back into the Italian football discourse.
Those who expected Inter to crash to earth this season will be surprised by the Nerrazurri's presence at the top of Serie A with 49 points. Skeptics will point to the referees, but Inter's players, Zlatan Ibrahimovic in particular, have been having great years.

There is, however, still some drama left, as Roma managed to snag a win against Catania despite the absence of Totti and about half the first team. The Romans are only seven back, and if they don't sell half their team to Sven and Man City during the transfer window, they have a chance to win the Calcio for the first time since 2001.

Milan, who have a ton of games in hand thanks their mid season vacation in Japan, won as well, meaning they sit only 10 points out of a Champions League spot.

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ΓΌ75 said...

I thought it was a penalty. The defender's arm snapped back. That said, even if the ball was covered with paint and clearly left a mark on the guy's arm, if the Italian press can stir something up, no matter how implausible, then they will. I blame Silvio Berlusconi, The Rupert Murdoch of Italy.

JT said...

Silvio Berlusconi is bad, but there's only one Rupert Murdoch.

All this hubbub surrounding Inter... I can't wait until we stick it to them in the Champions League.

/drinking the Kool Aid

MoonshineMike said...

How easy is it to google 'gay italian soccer player' and find photos like these? Not very would be my opinion.