Friday, January 25, 2008

Yahoo Fantasy Soccer Advice

Your weekly does of rampant fantasy football speculation. Remember, I know nothing. Just try to get as much information as possible before making your selections.

Last week wasn't so bad. It was quite sweet to be sitting in Kinsale Tavern and watching my pick Benjani Maruwari pick up his second hat-trick of the season. Not so sweet, me not having enough units to pick him up. Oh well. On to the rules:

Rule #1: Go outside spend time with your loved ones.

There is only one weekend matchup the rest being midweek after the FA Cup ties, so you have time to go outside.

Rule #2: Pick players from teams with good matchups.

Only my pick of Arsenal matchups was any good last week. This week I have my money on:

Arsenal (home to Newcastle) - Arsenal looked decent last week without Toure and Eboue, with the obvious exception of the Carling Cup Massacre at the hands of Tottenham.

Chelsea home to Reading - Reading is just not very good and I like Anelka to break his Chelsea duck. He scored decently last week with a goal. Also, look at Chelsea wingers J. Cole and Malouda, and maybe Ballack.

Man City at Derby - Derby sucks less at home, but it still sucks. Look for Petrov and Elano to have big games and a strong showing by Man City's defense. One thing to look out for--Man City sucks on the road and Bianchi looks like he gone. Not much scoring upfront...maybe Vassell?

Man U home to Pompey - Class is class and Man U is the class of the league right now. Plus they are at home. Unfortunately, everybody is expensive so pick wisely. Rooney looks to be back on track and Ronaldo is always on this season. See Rule #4.

Both teams in the Villa - 'Burn matchup - Take the offense in this one, both defenses have look suspect. Bentley is one of the top middies in the EPL and a price to prove it, but he produces every week. Roque Santa Cruz (Santa Claus) has cooled recently but I expect him to pick it back up. Villa strikers is where I think the points will be at Carew, Young and Agbonlahor. Of those, I like Gabby to victimize the suspect 'Burn defense.

Rule #3: Don't pick players that won't play.

Check here for injuries. Check here for suspensions.

Rule #4: Don't ever drop Cristiano Ronaldo prior to the December double matches and you should probably have him in your squad.

Ronaldo seemed to do nothing last week and still managed 16.5 points. The guy has never met a shot he won't take. If you have him at a discount no need to sell him, but don't gut your roster to get him. Spend money on Bentley or Adebayor.

Rule #5: Don't chase points. When choosing, just remember class is forever, form is temporary. Just because somebody scored well last week doesn't mean he will score well this week. I'm looking at you Benjani. Your units are better spent elsewhere and his price will probably come down after the ManU and Chelsea matches.

Rule #6: Look for cheap transfers.

Their prices will be low. Just try to figure out who is class like Petrov, Elano, Torres and Santa Cruz have been this year. Try to avoid the Pizarros, Maloudas, Bianchis, Ballacks, and Shevas of the bunch. Funny, a lot of Chelski there.

This year there hasn't been any big transfers that have come in for cheap to free up units in your squad. So, try and make some money by buying cheap defenders and keepers. Although I feel this is cheating, you can put Mokoena in for 2 units even though he's not playing. Ryan Nelsen, injured, is also cheap but not likely to play. Michael Ball is cheap and new Sunderland players Bardsley and Evans might be worth a punt, although it is Sunderland.

As for keepers, I am thinking Niemi might be worth a punt. Also, Reina isn't likely to get any cheaper, you just have to think LFC will do better this week. I have my doubts.


E-town Hooligan said...

The Official Prem Fantasy is the bomb!

ΓΌ75 said...

I agree. I don't know anything about this Ya-hoo? stuff.

The Fan's Attic said...

never played the "Official Prem" game, but I like the Yahoo game. challenging week in and week out on your selections.