Thursday, January 24, 2008

African Cup of Draws

Wednesday featured two very excellent matches, with some sweet long balls ending up in the back of the nets. While South Africa/Angola and Tunisia/Senegal both ended in draws, both matches featured late equalizers.

(AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

South Africa 1-1 Angola South Africa is claiming to be fielding a younger team, and are using that as an excuse in case they fail. Angola struck first, and looked solid. They ended up getting lack at about the 30 yard mark, and that was all it took for van Heerden's equalizer. Nice way to catch the defenders napping.

Tunisia 2 - 2 Senegal Senegal should of won this game outright. Even though Tunisia struck early and first, Senegal scored two and seemed to have the match in hand. But this late strike from outside the box salvages the draw for Tunisia.

Thursday Matches

Guinea v Morocco (1700) Guinea played well but lost against Ghana. Morocco played lights out against Namibia. Morocco won't be able to score at will against Guinea, but it will play well enough to win easily.

Ghana v Namibia (1900) West Ham defender John Paintsil is currently doubtful for Ghana due to a possible concussion, and it looks like they may have other injuries that could give them problems. Namibia needs a win or they're packing their bags.


The NY Kid said...

Great equalizer for Tunisia. As a GK, I can tell you that shots like that give me nightmares.

MoonshineMike said...

I can imagine. That was a blast from nowhere that nailed the corner. Could not of stopped it if one tried.