Saturday, January 26, 2008

Because it has worked so well for Liverpool

That's it, it's officially a trend. Derby County is set to announce new American owners on Monday, if Sky Sports is to be believed. I'm undecided as to which is the better joke, so I'll let you decide:

A) Just wait until they find out the team is in the Championship next season.
B) Just wait until they find out they are not allowed to move the franchise to the States.
C) Just wait until they find out there are no more US players available, because Fulham already signed them all.
D) (fill in the blank in the comments)


The Fan's Attic said...

While LFC owners have been getting bad press, have you noticed that the American owners of EPL squads are in first, fifth and sixth. Five of the top seven are foreign owners.

ü75 said...

There you go. Injecting logic into the situation when I'm trying to start a blog fight.

Glazer and Hicks/Gillett have had negligible positive impact on their clubs. Those are big clubs and would have done well/better wherever. Lerner, on the other hand, has done a nice job of staying out of the way and reaping the benefits at Villa.

As for the non-Americans, Abramovich's money and his willingness to spend it has been well-documented. It's early days for Thaksin S., but I think he'll be bringing Man City down before long. What with his history of alleged corruption and impropriety, and general dirtiness of character.

The Fan's Attic said...

so, what you're saying is that it is only the money the owners bring to the table that really matters. unless, of course, the owner is al davis. then all bets are off.