Friday, January 25, 2008

Tips from the West Ham training ground: FA Cup edition

This weekend is the fourth round of the FA Cup. The drama, the passion, the true soul of English football, plus wild bets on lower division sides I know nothing about!

Last week I went 1 for 3, correctly picking the draw at Newcastle, but got fucked over by West Ham and Liverpool. Wankers. Anyways, here's who I like in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Liverpool vs. Havant & Waterlooville H&W 80 to 1 to win

So, the chaos at Anfield continues, with Hicks and Gillett larding additional debt onto their already teetering LBO of Liverpool. Meanwhile.....ok, who am I kidding? If Rafa loses this one, he had better be on the first flight back to Spain before Hicks calls up his ole buddy G.W. asking for a favor that involves airstrikes on the casa de Benitez. Liverpool are going to win this one five-nil.

Arsenal vs. Newcastle Gunners 4/11 to win

After the black day against Spurs in midweek, expect Arsenal to bounce back to make quick work of Newcastle's shaky backline. Its going to be like a gay porn shoot out there with all the balls flying around. In a quirk of scheduling, these two play each other again in London on Tuesday. Lets see the Gunners go for at least ten over the two legged Kevin Keegan beatdown.

Derby vs. Preston North End 11/5 to draw

Derby, as we all know, are terrible, while Preston North End are stinking up the joint in the Colaship. So I'm betting on a dire 0-0 or 1-1 game that leaves no one satisfied.

Mansfield vs. Middlesbrough 'Boro 2/5 to win

Don't worry, I still think Gareth Southgate is a shit manager. But Mansfield are starting relegation from League 2 square in the face, sitting one from bottom. Despite the homefield advantage, I'm going with the Premiership class to shine through. Yeah, I just used class and 'Boro in the same sentence. Lets just move on.

Bonus long shot pick: Wigan vs. Chelsea Lattics 11/2 to win

So Steve Bruce was on the FA Cup preview show last night and sounded confident about his side's chances. One look into his doughy face and I'm convinced he means it when he says Wigan can pull off the upset. Actually, Wigan usually play Chelsea pretty tough, before giving up a backbreaker in the last 20 minutes or so (excepting that 2-0 loss they took in November to Roman's boys).

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