Monday, January 21, 2008

He's Like a Mime With Tourette's

You have to give Sir Alex a little credit. He could have tried subtlety in letting Reading fans know of his frustration in Saturday's match and quickly flashed a middle finger. But no, Fergie went two handed. And tacked on a quick encore just to make sure nobody missed it.

SAF is playing it off, saying he was expressing "relief" with Christiano Ronaldo's injury time score. Seems like "relief" would go with a gesture that would have him squatting to poo, but, hey maybe the FA will buy it.

Still, almost makes you wonder why more people aren't kneeing him in the nuts more often.

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The NY Kid said...

Commentary translation:

"There it is, the victory, oh, the joy of Alex Ferguson. Oh, is he furious!"

Apparently French sportscasters announcing EPL games are masters of the obvious.