Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Second coming of God not as fun this time around

Even though my own team is in a far bigger palaver at the moment, it doesn't mean I can't poke fun at those only just less fortunate: the stripey dolts on Tyneside.

Kevin Keegan has returned, and his second coming was fucking terrible. There, I said it. Despite only staying for the first 45 minutes on Saturday, it was no coincidence that virtually the entire front end of the Kinsale, save for a few families enjoying meat pies in the dining room section, vacated en masse once the half-time whistle blew.

He hasn't really been given the chance to flex his muscle yet, as he frantically compiles his last-minute January shopping list going into the final week of the window, but his triumphant entry to St. James was loud and proud enough to fill even the most jaded fan full of belief. The Kool Aid was passed around before kickoff, and it amounted to nothing.

Where was his talismanic influence? The team exhibited their classic sleepwalking style, fudging their way through, barely stringing two passes together and rarely threatening the goal. His team managed 6 shots on goal all game, all of them woefully off-target, and the game fizzled to a dull 0-0 draw.

The lineup saw Rozehnal, a player more comfortable in defense, anchoring the midfield, and while you suspect that the selection of Shola Ameobi was more due to lack of depth than anything else, surely Kev had other options.

It's going to take a lot for Kevin to learn how to drive this beaten-up car again. He'll learn that it's no longer a reflex, and his years out of the game might well put Newcastle years more behind their competition. The expectations are for a top-six finish, hard to see considering the caliber of the 8 teams currently jostling at the top of the table.

He's trying to patch things up with Michael Owen by letting him keep the captain's armband, but it's a band-aid on an old, gaping wound.

Keegan also has to juggle the tricky relationship with co-chosen one Alan Shearer, one who was publicly upset at being turned down for the big job, and who might have too much pride to really cooperate with Keegan moving forward. Kev's already gone so far to tip Alan as the man to succeed him at St. James's Park!

For now, owner Mark Ashley has his man. He also has the same old results. Let's just hope Keegan gets more than 8 months to flex his muscles in the hot seat.

Photo credit: Eurosport UK

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MoonshineMike said...

8 months is not enough to time to wie your butt, let alone set up a scheme. And the mid table teams are getting stronger. Newcastle needs to keep up.

First thing is to dump those Northern Rock Jerseys! Who wants a failing bank as your sponsor?!?