Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pharoahs feast on Cameroon

Two matches Tuesday in the African Cup, with Egypt laying the smack down on Cameroon, and Sudan returned to the pitch after a long absence, and then realized that they needed to practice more.

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

Cameroon 2 - 4 Egypt
Zidan, Rabou, and Eto'o hogged all the scoring, and it took Cameroon a half before they woke up and played with any intensity. By that point, the match was essentially done. Zidan's goals were both great works of quickness and footwork; if I was smart enough, I would have video embedded, and not linked.

Sudan 0 - 3 Zambia
Finding something about this match was a daunting task. It was like we wanted to ignore Sudan for fielding a team based on players from the northern half of the country. I've always been a big fan of the theory that Sports can bring cultures and people together in ways that forced politicalization can't. But in this case, we're apt to see an early exit for the Sudanese team if they keep it up. Zambia scored in the second minute and controlled the play.

Wednesday's Matches
17:00 - Tunisia vs Senegal
19:30 - South Africa vs Angola
(Times in GMT of course)

Both of these matches kick off Group D action. South Africa is not a strong favorite as I had first though to advance from this draw. Senegal seems to be the most polished squad, and I think the Tunisia match should be the most entertaining football of the two. Angola has the physical team, and will probably push around South Africa.

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The NY Kid said...

Any word on whether the Tunisian side is fielding a team entirely comprised of Tuskan raiders?