Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Your African Cup of Joe

"When I Disguise My Body in the Shape of a Plane..."
(photo credit: ISSOUF SANOGO/AFP/Getty Images)

Some updates from Monday's action in the African Cup of Nations, with a match from Group A and two from Group B.

Group A:
Namibia 1 - 5 Morocco
I don't know what was more suprising: The hat trick by Alloudi that broke Namibia, or the fact that no one showed up to watch this match in person. Thanks to the Interwebs, we can catch all these highlights. I expect someone to sniff Alloudi away from the UAE league if he keeps this up.

Group B: Nigeria 0 - 1 Ivory Coast
Nigeria, who has been urged to victory by their President, acted nonchalant , and it showed. Good score from Chelsea's own Salomon Kalou, who gave a little clinic in scoring. The video is sweet.

Group B: Mali 1 - 0 Benin
It seems as though trying to create a distraction didn't stop the nation of sand beat the might Benin. Learn more about other tiny African country and find out that they have a National Voodoo Day. This is something all of us can get behind. In the fight for the bottom of Group B, Kanoute banged in a PK in the 49th minute to set this match from dulling folks to sleep.

Tuesday's Preview:

It's all Group C matches on Tuesday:
Egypt vs Cameroon
Sudan vs Zambia
The Egypt-Cameroon match will show if Egypt can have enough horses to proceed to the next round. This will be the match to watch on Tuesday. The Pharaohs may have to resort a plague of locust if they want to have a puncher's chance against Cameroon.


Ian said...

I dunno. I think Mali have a good chance to beat Nigeria and squeak in to the second round.

MoonshineMike said...

After doing some more thinking last night I am coming to the conclusion that Mali may be able to upend the applecart and advance. Lots of attack on the ball, which may be all you need against Group B.

JT said...

That Nigeria/Ivory Coast game was a cracking time in the first half. Both teams just endlessly attacking each other with speed, and rarely defending. More, please!