Sunday, January 13, 2008

Slow news day?

This morning the BBC ran this piece.

Apparently Steve McClaren backs Fabio Capello to succeed. Does any one care what McClown thinks? He has no credibilty in the game anymore and was fired for being a complete failure! His inept decisions brought English international football to an all time low. Shame on the BBC for this one. Its a pointless story and a waste of web space.

I find this quote extremely tough to stomach....

"I think he will be a success as long as he grasps the English culture and English mentality and how England win games."
Oh really? He needs to understand how to win games Steve? He needs to be able to translate his ideas to the players?

McClaren is obviously an expert on this topic. Hey Beeb. Why don't you go and interview George Bush. He has some foreign policy advice for this years election hopefuls.

- Bigus.


Spectator said...

"English culture and English mentality" equals holding a giant umbrella in the rain like a twat.

badly drawn boykins said...

No no, not Cap needs to understand, not how to win games, but how England wins games. Which is either playing Route One football and hoping a Beckham free kick is enough to get past Ecuador, or turning the clock back to 1966.