Thursday, January 24, 2008

Japanese pervert finds refuge in the birthplace of perversion

How do you say "good times" in German?
[Image: Japan Times]

Anyone remember this story? Didn't think so. Well, the classiest Asian midfielder ever is back in the news again as he finally finds somewhere to peddle his wares. His.... soccer wares.

22-year-old Naoya Kikuchi, banned for 1 year from playing in the J-League after his teen-tampering exploits, has signed on to play in Germany for second -division club FC Carl Zeiss Jena, a club once known for being one of East Germany's most dominant clubs while the wall still stood.

It is unknown at the moment what he thinks of the deal, but perverts moving to the home of schiesse-porn [don't google it], busty frauleins and a burgeoning teen porn empire is surely a bad idea for those on the receiving end.

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