Saturday, January 26, 2008

Appalachian State Would be Happy

Quick Update: 8:15 AM PST And so ends H&W's awesome run. We no longer require updates, as the match has moved to 4-2. Rafa survives another day, albeit with a ransacked house.

7:50 AM PST Equalizer at the death of the 1st half! Well, the 44th minute, but honestly, if we've got a 2-2 match between H&W and Liverpool, the 44th minute is now the death.

7:35 AM PST And Liverpool prove their Premiership bona fides! Thank goodne...well, that didn't last long. TWO-ONE to the Loovillians? I don't even think I could do this on Championship Manager.
Rafa Watch: His house has already been burgled, and they'll soon be coming for him at Anfield.

Yes, that is Havant and Waterlooville 1, Liverpool 0. At Anfield. We will have more from this potential hilarity as events warrant and an APB is put out on Rafa.

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