Friday, January 18, 2008

Yahoo Fantasy Soccer Advice

Short and sweet this week, but first a recap of my rules:

Rule #1: Go outside spend time with your loved ones.

Obviously, you aren't going to follow rule #1 if you have read this far.

Rule #2: Pick players from teams with good matchups.

Last week my recommendations were LIV, MANU, ARS. Obviously, ManU was the only one that came true. Again, I would recommend them as they have a good matchup against just about anyone in the EPL (Suck it, Barclay's!).

This week look at ManU @ Reading, Arsenal @ Fulham, Newcastle home to Bolton (I think the new manager will enliven the squad), Blackburn home to 'Boro, and Chelsea @ Birm.

Rule #3: Don't pick players that won't play.

Check here for injuries. Check here for suspensions.

Rule #4: Don't ever drop Cristiano Ronaldo prior to the December double matches and you should probably have him in your squad.*

I violated this rule after Ronaldo's poor performance at Everton (3 points) and lost out at having him at a discount and failed to bite the bullet and buy him for the double-game weeks. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I don't care what your opinions on him as a footballer, in fantasy terms this guy is money and should be on your team if you can fit him without decimating your squad.

Ronaldo: smiling you to the top of the table

If he costs 31 points, units, dollars, pounds, etc., like right now, it probably isn't a good idea to grab him. But, if he ever gets down to the 23-24 range grab him if at all possible.

*This rule subject to change depending on my opinion about Ronaldo's form, but right now I stick by it.

One other recommendation: take a look at Portsmouth against Derby this week. Derby has scored only 3 away goals and conceded 27. Pompey has only 11 home goals scored and allowed 8. Something has to give and I think it will be Derby's defense even though half of Portsmouth's squad is at the ANC. Benjani Mwa..... was hot earlier in the season and this may be the match to get him going again. He will likely be the focal point along Krancjar. The prices are good on those two as well.


Spectator said...

Is that Ronaldo or a Teletubby?

The NY Kid said...

I stand by my firm commitment to no Blues, Reds, or Red Devils on my team, and I happily sit in 3rd. Of course, not everyone is as brilliant a fantasy footie manager as I am.