Friday, January 11, 2008

Yahoo Fantasy Football Advice

Last week's advice was easy as there were no Premiership matches. This week I have to actually think about which players would be a good/bad choice. As I sat around having no life, thinking about fantasy footie, I realized it's absurd I would even think to write this column.

I have no credentials for this....whatsoever. I watch soccer when I can, although it is tough to sit at my computer at 6:00 a.m. to watch sopcast. I have played the game most of my life, but since I am not a professional I imagine my understanding of the game is about on par with others who have played the game. That's about it. In the one full season I played YFF, I acquitted myself nicely finishing third in a league and in the 97th percentile overall and this season I am doing moderately well.

So, I guess what I am saying is take my advice with a grain of salt. I'm not an expert, I just play one on the internet. Moreover, there are lots of sites out there with far more in-depth analysis than I will ever provide, although, I will certainly cull (steal) from those sites to benefit you. If I say you should do something and it turns out well, I deserve all the plaudits. If I say you should do something and it turns out poorly, blame yourself for listening to some idiot on the internet.

What are you thinking? Listening to some yahoo on a blog. Jeez.

I do have some rules I like to play by that may or may not be helpful. Unless you are Wayne Rooney, you could probably figure out these rules on your own, if you haven't already. These rules aren't hard and fast but I generally like to follow them unless there is good justification otherwise.

That said, what I say means absolutely nothing because this is just a stupid game we all play for fun.

Rule #1 (in no particular order of importance)
So, my first rule to live by when choosing a team: Pick players from teams with good matchups. Duh! So, look for teams from the top of the table playing teams from the lower table. Teams playing at home, etc. Obviously, there are exceptions. For example, the Spurs blow, but they score a ton, so its offensive players are a good choice if priced right. This week I am looking at Birmingham @ Arsenal; Liverpool @ 'Boro; Newcastle @ Man U as good matchups.

I am wary of Arsenal since they have suffered the injury bug and ANC defections, particularly in the defense. Liverpool has been up and down this season but I expect them to come out fired up against a crappy 'Boro. Man U? Well, it is Man U and their offense is incredible and the defense is pretty good too, whereas so much.

Other interesting matchups are:

Fulham @ West Ham - Fulham is really bad, especially on defense, but West Ham isn't much better on defense. Could be a high score here. Look at the offensive players and not the defense. So, Clint Dempsey might be a good bet but he's kinda spendy now.

Tottenham @ Chelsea - Chelsea has been decimated by injury and the ANC so they could be susceptible to Tottenham's potent offense. Tottenham's defense on the other hand is about as impenetrable as Paris Hilton's crotch. Ballack is in form right now as is Berbs. And, Chelsea just signed he'll probably get the start seeing how they have no healthy strikers right now. Although, I wonder how well he will do with very little practice with the squad.

Easy, peasy. Pick the good teams to choose players from and voila, success!

Bonus Rule

Consider yourself lucky and you get an extra, mindblowing, genius rule. Drumroll.....


So, don't pick these guys, who are off to Africa for the ANC:

Toure, Ivory Coast
Eboue, Ivory Coast
Song, Cameroon

Birmingham City
Nafti, Tunisia
Jaidi, Tunisia

McCarthy, South Africa not selected to squad
Mokoena, South Africa

Dioff, Senegal
Meite, Ivory Coast

Drogba, Ivory Coast
Kalou, Ivory Coast
Essien, Ghana
Mikel, Nigeria

Pienaar, South Africa
Yakubu, Nigeria
Yobo, Nigeria
Anichebe, Nigeria not selected to squad

Kamara, Senegal

Sissoko, Mali

Mido, Egypt

Martins, Nigeria
Geremi, Cameroon
Beye, Senegal
Faye, Senegal

Utaka, Nigeria
Kanu, Nigeria
Muntari, Ghana
Traore, Mali not selected to squad
Diop, Senegal

Bikey, Cameroon
Fae, Ivory Coast

Etuhu, Nigeria

Ghaly, Egypt
Zokora, Ivory Coast

West Ham United
Pantsil, Ghana

Camara, Senegal
Olembe, Cameroon


Precious Roy said...

Yeah, Mokoena? He's ass is staying in my line-up. Dude cost me less than 2 points.


The Fan's Attic said...

Point taken. He may be even a better value given that he is guaranteed not to start and thus no negative points. Although, some may view this as unsportsmanlike to draft a guy you know won't play. You would never play a real match with only ten players by choice.

Precious Roy said...

I don't think my three defenders have played a total of 3 games combined in the past 3 weeks.

How else do you think I have climbed from 25th to 9th?

JT said...

I wish I could still log-in to the league to see how I'm doing

The NY Kid said...

Well, I'm still in 3rd, so there's that. I am torn about Utaka - he's at almost 2.5 more than I paid for him, and any replacement for him right now would be from a shitty midfield.