Monday, March 16, 2009

Is It "Alves 'Pooled or "Alves Fletchered"?

This is starting to rise to the level of a yawn as it happens almost weekly, but Alfonso Alves was robbed while Middlesbrough was out drawing with Portsmouth (courtesy of a late David James gift).

This makes the 'Boro striker footballing victim #15.

The raid is estimated to have been worth £50,000 in damage and lost belongings. The 28-year-old returned home shortly after 6pm on Saturday to find his passport stolen along with jewellery, computers, Brazil and Boro shirts, documents, pairs of shoes, and about £200 cash.
But here's where things take a turn for the unbelievable. The Daily Mail piece continues: "Liverpool midfielder Lucas, Alves's compatriot, suffered a burglary in November, while other victims include Steven Gerrard, Daniel Agger, Pepe Reina, Dirk Kuyt..." blah blah a bunch of other Liverpudlians, etc.

Anyway, Alves's compatriot? Uh, no way Lucas is Brazilian. Not a fucking chance. He's worse than Denilson.


Mike Georger said...

How did anyone rob Agger? It's not like that brittle crybaby ever plays, I'm assuming he never leaves his house for fearing of breaking his glass cane whilst chasing Bruce Willis.

Andrew said...

I truly enjoy the whole "He's not really Brazilian" meme we've got here.

"We wuz 'Pooled" should start entering the UF lexicon.

Brooks said...

As I was just corrected over at DT, there is no "L" in Afonso. Glad to see someone else reads his name that way too,though.

Precious Roy said...


Thanks for pointing that out. And I'll leave the mistake in so as not to make your comment look stupid when I'm the moron.

Doubly bad as there are a few names people always butcher that annoy me.