Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Breaking: Rafa Signs New 4 Year Deal

The Red Scouse long nightmare is finally over. Rafa has signed a new four year deal, keeping at Anfield for at least another 5 years, theoretically.

"My heart is with Liverpool Football Club, so I'm delighted to sign this new deal," said Rafa. "I love the club, the fans and the city and with a club like this and supporters like this, I could never say no to staying. I always made clear I wanted to be here for a long time and when I complete my new contract it will mean I have spent over a decade in Liverpool.

Big giant hattip to ONTD Football for the info.


Mike Georger said...

Well at least the uncertainty is over. Not that it will keep Soccernet from running an article tomorrow that says he is taking the Madrid job, but still.

Andrew said...

His heart is with Liverpool, but where, dear God, is his mind?