Friday, March 20, 2009

Breaking: Walcott injured AGAIN

The Guardian feed is spouting out that Theo's hurt his knee in training, and faces another spell on the sidelines. Massive shame. He's one of the few Gooners I like.

(The official Arsenal site is confirming the story)


Whizalen said...

fucksticks. I'm sure England will have no problem fielding him though

Sarah said...

Oh FFS, enough already! I want my team back!

jape said...

The role of Robin VanPersie will be played by Theo for this season's performance. Fuck me.

Andrew said...

WTF!? FFS!! etc., etc.

This whole theory Wenger has about players returning from injury being similar to player transfers doesn't work WHEN THE FUCKING PLAYERS DON'T RETURN FROM INJURY.

Sarah said...

There was also this little blurb in today's injury report:

"Tomas has suffered a minor set-back in his rehabilitation. The Czech midfielder has not played since January 26, 2008 because of a troublesome injury to his hamstring tendon and his comeback is on hold for now. 'Tomas has had a little set-back of one week so he will be out for two weeks again,' said Wenger. 'We have to be a bit more patient than in the start. I told you two weeks ago that he would be back in full training but he will not. He’ll be back in full training in two weeks time now.'"

I'm not even surprised about this one anymore. It's a little comical how typical it's become.

Andrew said...

Of course there was Rosicky set-back. Of course.