Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Today, we are all Sounders

Yes, yes, yes. Lest I forget, the quote of the day. Michael Owen: "I am not injury prone." [Soccernet]
New kids have a pretty swell blog idea and execute it well. Full marks [Avoiding the Drop]
A possible reason that MLS are waiting to announce Portland tomorrow? To piggyback on some basketball tournament in town [Willamette Week]

Looking into football's crystal ball [The Offside]
Tuesday: "I'll sign, but I want full control." Thursday: "Oh, about that. No" [Guardian]
Spurs made a lot of money last year [Soccernet]
Eminem makes his comeback in Vietnam [Vietnam Net]

NSFW-ish video. Ape head. Phil Collins. One blogger's attempt to show his excitement for tonight's match in video form. Odd, in an odd way, if you get my drift. Nevertheless, post of the year so far [The Offside Rules]


GeneralGametime said...

So I just moved from the Bay Area to greater Charlotte, North Carolina. I know there are some southerners that hang out around these parts. Anyone have any suggestions for bars/pubs to catch the action this weekend? The fewer Man U fans, the better. Thanks.

Mike Georger said...

I've lived in Charlotte since 94. Your best bet, and frankly just one of the better bars, is Big Ben's Pub on Providence Road. They open early on gamedays and get FSC and Setanta, and they have enough televisions that you can get both on at the same time. There is usually a pretty decent contingent there for big games, good deal of Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea fans. I've yet to run into a United fuckface there. The owner is a HUGE West Ham supporter, born and raised I believe.

Also, excellent selection of beers. And I'm pretty sure Sundays are 3 dollar drafts of all draft beers (I drink nothing but Carlsberg there, for luck of course).

Can't beat the food either. Stellar English breakfast which is an incredible base for drinking during games. Have the best fish and chips in town, basically a full pound of haddock.

Now depending on where you live by 'greater' Charlotte, it's pretty easy to get to. It's about a mile and a half off of the third street exit on 277, so it's on the northern side of the city. Takes me fifteen minutes from Huntersville and ten minutes from Rea Road, right smack in the middle.

ü75 said...

Used to live in Charlotte, but don't remember much in the way of soccer bars. Wait for Mike Georger, I know he has lived down there more recently than I have.

ü75 said...

Speak of the devil

Mike Georger said...

Oh and just a heads up ... if you're a drinker, you cannot get booze before noon on Sunday in North Carolina. So early games on Sundays are dry.

ü75 said...

Also, even though I can't get the website to give me locations right now, I see there is an Indigo Joe's way up in Mooresville. While it's not ideal, the one close to me has a couple of walls of TVs and, this is crucial, a device you can put on your table which will give you the audio feed of whatever channel you want.

So, if you're up that way, it's an option. If you're in Rock hill, you are SOL.

GeneralGametime said...

Nice. You guys rock. I'll be in Concord, so I think I'm fairly close to uptown Charlotte. I've been here for a week so I'm still trying to get a sense of where everything is. So far, I'm getting the impression that the more time I spend out of Concord and in Charlotte, the better.

Rough about the Sunday games. Though, your definition of "early games" might be a little different than mine. I'm going to miss my pub back in SF, but I sure as shit won't miss getting up at 6 on a Saturday. You don't know pain until you've lost to Hull at home hungover on three hours of sleep.

Teeknuts said...

Holy fuck, I guessed the draw completely correct. Fuck me.

Magnakai Haaskivi said...

Thanks for the link, guys.

And I'm glad to see that Teeknuts is willing to take the blame for yet another Liverpool/Chelsea tie.