Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't Mess With The CVSL

Amateur sports are fun, mainly because we all get to have a go. Every weekend, we get to feel like the pros, donning a clean, fresh kit and jogging around for 90 minutes like tubby ex-Sunderland funster Andy Reid.

And yet, no matter where you play, there are always the guys who take it a little too seriously. Whether born of some vain attempt to revive the glory days, or to temporarily postpone the inevitable midlife crisis, they sprint about like a young Roy Keane on methamphetamines, ruining the fun.

And then, there are the guys who bring brass knuckles to a game. That's what happened in the Central Valley Soccer League recently, as a post-game war of words became an on-pitch melee that now has the police are involved.

According to the Modesto Bee, the post-game handshakes turned sour, leading at least one man to equip BRASS KNUCKLES for the fight itself. Another man ended up with a gash on the head after being struck by cleats, and before the cops arrived, ten of the players involved fled the scene.

However, they left their league ID cards with the referee, and now the fuzz are on the hunt for the assaulters. They've questioned a couple of people involved, but inquiries are still ongoing.

So, if you live in the Modesto area and were thinking of getting into the Central Valley Soccer League, perhaps try a different sport, as those brass knuckles are still on the loose!

Their website, in a neat touch despite being 10 years back in terms of web design, has a large "NO VIOLENCE" sign to one side. Shame no-one's following it in the league, much like the "Respect the Ref" campaign.

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