Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gary Neville's Topiary Tribute

Gary Neville is a Red Devil through and through having been with the club since 1991.

It's not surprising that he would be proud of this fact. What is surprising is that he would spell out his pride in his hedges.

The Daily Mail provides this wonderful overhead shot of hedges outside the Neville estate (swank digs, eh?) spelling out the intials of his club, "MUFC".

I cannot see how this could go wrong in any way. It seems the hedges are outside of the Chateau Neville. Some sneaky person could get in there and change it to MUFF for example.

What other great things could be done?
[Photo: The Daily Mail]


WhiteSpeedReceiver said...

An enterprising Geordie could probably change that "M" to an "N" without much effort.

The Fan's Attic said...

i'm glad i didn't title this post "Gary Neville Trims His Hedges".