Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Backpasses: Hermione

William Gallas drives a chrome Mercedes. Really [Daily Mail]
Emma Watson loves an older man with money [ONTD]
Another bad dive, This one from MGPederson [The Spoiler]
Has Barcelona traded Miami for Philly? And if so, who's the freaking genius that did that? [The Offside Rules]
Platini has a moment of clarity [Guardian]

A below the fold sad: Iraqi player shot dead during game. I've seen conflicting reports as to whether it was while he was bearing down on goal for an equalizer [NCNB]
If you are a manager and go out drinking and fighting with your team, it will get you fired [BBC]
Luca Toni beefcake [Kickette]
Liverpool will fuxxor themselves down the stretch [JSL Blog]

Two more takes on Stephen Webb. One by our friends at Avoiding the Drop and one from American Soccer News. American Soccer News are pansies for their caveats at the bottom (and suck for getting our name wrong).


Mike Georger said...

Holy shit Liverpool will draw against teams they should beat? Get this guy a fucking Pulitzer! The bold prediction of them not making up seven points in two months when they haven't been able to string more than two wins together most of the year, god he must need a barrow of Leviathan proportions to carry those stones around.

Precious Roy said...

I stopped at the first sentence. That's too misplaced of a modifier to get past:

"With their comprehensive beating of Manchester United this weekend, I have heard from countless Liverpool fans in recent days regarding how the title race is now back on, their team is the best in Europe, etc. etc."

Teeknuts said...

I've seen some wierd, kinda-fucked-up Harry Potter pictures before, but holy shit, it looks like Hermione is going to eat my soul there

Nathaniel said...

They took down the Gamst/Pederson/whatever his name is this week video.

Dammit! I was looking forward to a good dive vid this a.m.

Keith said...

That may be the gaudiest automobile in history. Just hope Willy French is careful in the London tunnels.

ü75 said...

I don't see how such a thing would not be considered too dangerous to drive on the roads in the Nanny State. But it's awesome in a "I got fuck you money" sort of way.

The Fan's Attic said...

Hermione and Snape...ewww.

ü75 said...

try here