Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alan Pardew's "Connie Chung" Moment

Former West Ham United manager Alan Pardew must have thought he was doing an interview with Connie Chung. He enjoys Indiana University and Texas Tech University men's basketball. He thinks that Mike Tyson and Kobe Bryant are innocent. This all a round-about way of saying that Alan Pardew doesn't take rape seriously.

During analysis of the Spartak London v. Abu Dhabi City match, Pardew had the following to say about a Michael Essien tackel on Ched Evans:

"Ched Evans is a strong boy but (Essien) knocks him off ... he absolutely rapes him."

Well then. Spokespeople from Rape Crisis England and Wales, as well as Women Against Rape (umm, that seems a bit...redundant), have criticized Pardew for trivializing the violent crime of rape.

Well, Essien does look a little handsy!

Although his co-hosts looked taken aback by his choice of words, there was no immediate on-air apology. However, the BBC has apologized, both for themselves and on Pardew's behalf. This was the latter's first appearance as a talking head for the BBC, and there is no word on whether he will be asked to return or be made to sit in the corner and think about what he has done, although insiders have suggested that it will be some time before he is invited back to Match of the Day. Pardew has apologized, but it seems clear that he was forced to do so by the BBC.

Precious Roy seems to think that Pardew should have put forth the "cabbage" defense:

"I meant that the tackle was cabbage like."

a plant of the cabbage family with bright yellow, heavily scented flowers, esp. a variety ( oilseed rape) grown for its oil-rich seed and as stockfeed. Also called cole , colza . • Genus Brassica, family Brassicaceae, in particular B. napus subsp. oleifera.

In the spirit of stupid things said concerning footy, The Mirror has compiled the "Top 10 Football TV Outbursts." Obviously we here at UF were gladdened to see Joe Kinnear on the list.


The Fan's Attic said...

I bet there would have been no complaint if Pardew had said Essien murdered/assaulted/battered Evans. It's a bit much if you ask me.

Plus, what about Men against Rape? Where's the outrage with Women against Rape being completely sexist and not thinking of their feelings.

The NY Kid said...

Never mind Men Against Rape - is there some Women For Rape group wandering around? That seems a bit much.

Mike Georger said...

Did Bobby Knight rape someone or am I missing something?

hockalees said...

@Georger: I wondered the same thing, too. According to Mr. Knight's wikipedia entry:

"Women's groups nationwide were outraged by Knight's comments during an April, 1988 interview with Connie Chung in which he said, "I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it." Knight's comment was in reference to an Indiana basketball game in which he felt the referees were making poor calls against the Hoosiers."

hockalees said...

Clayton Williams was running for governor of Texas in 1990 and used the same quote as Kinght almost verbatim as an aside about some approaching bad weather when chatting with reporters at a campaign stop. He did not win that election.

Mike Georger said...

ahahaha wow