Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The WTF

Selangor is a state in the country of Malaysia. Oddly, the state's FA has a club side which competes in the Malay football system. I say oddly, but this seems to be the way Malay football works. Anyway, Selangor is a pretty damn successful side, having won the Malaysia Cup a staggering 32 times in their 62 year history. The team also plays in a behemoth of a park--the Shah Alam Stadium--which holds 81,000 people.

Last season, the club finished a somewhat disappointing fourth place in league. Tie in that the team has not won a trophy since 2005, and it is clear that Selangor need a goal to shoot for. Luckily for them, they have a manager (also their CEO) with a plan.

Zakaria ab Rahim is that manager. He has set his goal that Selangor will be the best football team in Asia by the middle of the next decade. He calls that plan Vision 2015, which is ironic since, after viewing this week's shirt, my vision has been harmed.

Oh, Puma. Why did you ever agree to put out this shirt? And then sponsor the shirt?

Ye Gods, this is horrific, isn't it? One diagonal stripe, a la River Plate, is workable. Muchos diagonal stripes--no thank you. Of course, it's made worse by that choice of green. I guess that would be a mint green? The red is a nice strong hue, but that green is hideous.

Granted, this shirt comes from 20+ years ago, but come on. Did no one have taste back then? At least the Scots, as highlighted last week, waited until the '90s to pull out their ugly shirts. Jorge Campos, too. This is just too much, even for a season that saw Selangor competing in the Asian Club Championship. Too much.


The Fan's Attic said...

it looks like a moldy candy cane.

Nathaniel said...

I like that even the badge is somewhat diagonally aligned.

ü75 said...

Yes. Somewhat, but not fully.

phil said...

David Berkowitz has exonerated the dog blamed this shirt for the Son of Sam killings.