Monday, March 16, 2009

In Argentina This is a Documentary

Oh, South America, what would we do if you didn't raise crazy to a new level on almost a weekly basis?

More than 100 fans were involved in a riot four hours before Sunday's Boca Juniors' kick at the Bombonera.

Okay, rioting bad. But, eh, not completely out of character for South American fans. But Boca fans didn't clash with their opposition, Argentinos Juniors. They fought amongst themselves.

From the Guardian: "It was the second successive week that rival factions of [Boca's supporters group] The 12 have fought before a game. Last week, dozens were arrested during a pitched battle before the game away to Independiente."

Among the wounded? A 55-year-old man, and an 85-year-old woman. The latter was hit in the leg... with a bullet, while the former—and here's where this gets substantially less funny—suffered a serious head wound.

But Argentinos Juniors fans were not without their own action if Boca fans didn't want to riot with them. No, they fought with Racing fans even though they were involved in seperate matches. Buses carrying supporters of the respective teams crossed paths in Buenos Aires so rival fans took the opportunity to stone each others' buses.

Argentina, it's like South America wanted it's own Ohio, only burning furniture wasn't quite good enough.


Kopper said...

What I don't get is if they brought stones onto the buses just in case they saw someone they could throw them at?

YNBA (artist formerly known as Herringbone) said...
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YNBA (artist formerly known as Herringbone) said...

Where is the "paperclip" when you need it...

"Looks like you incorrectly spelled West Virginia. Let me help you with that..."