Tuesday, March 17, 2009

West Ham Open A Can of Worms.

Just yesterday I said West Ham's settlement of the Tevez affair could set a dangerous precedent. Well today it's open season on E13 9AZ. Not only is Sheffield United's former manager Neil Warnock planning to sue, but so are the players! What's next... The fans?

Oh dear West Ham, look what you have started. Warnock says: "We worked so hard that year. The club was going forward. You do feel bitter without a shadow of a doubt."

Ring the alarm bells, free money on offer. I can see law suits from players and fans on the horizon. Still, West Ham deserve this for being so stupid as to offer Sheffield United compensation for being crap. Maybe West Ham could counter sue the FA and Premier League for not catching the Tevez transfer mess-up earlier? They both have to approve any transfer at the time of the deal.

Neil Warnock is currently the manager of Crystal Palace, and I am not going to say anything nasty about him. Why? I need his side to beat Barnsley this afternoon in one of the Yorkshire side's 'games in hand' over Norwich. Lets hope he is focussed on the match and not on a new Porsche 911 turbo. By the way West Ham, that's a 186,000 quid motor. I wonder if it comes in claret and blue?



GeneralGametime said...

Fucking United. I spent a solid fifteen minutes of valuable work time yesterday defending you assholes and now you have to go and do something like this. I still maintain that the club should be compensated for the Tevez situation, but a manager or player or heaven forbid a fan getting cash from a situation like this is way over the top.

I'm still having a hard time rationalizing why Warnock shouldn't be able to sue since his career was damaged by West Ham's shady dealings (based on the assumption that Tevez was responsible for West Ham staying up/Sheffield going down). But it just seems very, very wrong. Could a manager or fan sue a striker for missing a sitter that cost a team a champions league spot or promotion? No chance. Though if you could, I think I could get rich off of Nicklas Bendtner some day.

Bigus Dickus said...

Agreed. Warnock is owed nothing and probably earns a bigger salary at Palace. Greeeeeeeeed General..Greeeed.