Monday, December 15, 2008

Shrek Is Let Off the Hook for Stamping on an Aaaaaalborg Player

Okay, maybe we just needed an excuse to publish more Shrek pictures, but UEFA has let one Wayne Rooney off the hook for aggressively stamping accidentally stepping on an Aaaaaaalborg player last week.

Your requisite rhetorical question: Would it have been the same result if it had been a Man U player who was stepped on?

(photo credit: NY Times)


Nathaniel said...

As much as I know that it's BS how UEFA looks the other way when ManUre f*cks up in some way, I know that the UEFA people know who butters their bread.

It doesn't make it right, but people watch the ManUre CL games. They don't watch Aaaaaaaaaaa+alborg games. It is what it is. Meh.

Keith said...

What Nathaniel said; plus, of the long run of tape from that match that UF posted up last week, Rooney's stomp was a) the most innocuous thing he did all match (kicking an Aaaaaaaaaalborg player in the knee, elbowing one in the head), and b) at least looked more accidental than his other transgressions that match.

phil said...

After FA let CR off with less than a card for kicking Dawson while Dawson was down, how could anyone else penalize ManUre? F*ck them. In the ear. They get away with more underhanded bullshit than any other EPL team.