Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The last throw of the dice..I mean ball?

Rory Delap has been to see the Dr in a last ditch attempt to save the scud missiles he launches at opponents from disappearing forever. But will they be missed?

Delap is suffering with a shoulder injury that inhibits his ability to throw those rockets at the opponents goal. The long throws have been a crucial part of Stoke's game play this season AND last. I personally witnessed one of his rockets steal the points at Carrow Road last year, in a season that Stoke made successful with lanky players, hoofball and long throws. The freakish missiles are incredibly difficult to defend and have been a pain to Premier league defenders all year.

The Delap factor

Cortisone jabs have been ineffective and Delap has now had treatment that he calls the 'last chance'.

"The injection I had on Monday is the last chance because I've had them all. The doctor said that if it works I shouldn't be able to feel anything, so hopefully it will work" - Rory Delap.

Stoke manager Tony Pullis will be keeping his fingers crossed that the injection works. Seven of Stoke's 17 Premiership goals have come from Delap's powerful throws.

Stoke visit Blackburn this Saturday, who announced Sam Allardyce as manager this morning.


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Bigus Dickus said...

This is the only story in the last year that Georger hasn't commented on. Frankly it's a kick in the teeth.