Monday, December 15, 2008

The Next Great Soccer Underwear Model?

I don't know what Mirko Vucinic is playing at but, I do think he might be angling to be the next Freddy Ljungberg or David Beckham. Vucinic hit the gamewinner for Roma against Cagliari at the death this weekend. After scoring, Vucinic channeled his inner "Frank the Tank" stripping off his uni and shorts racing towards the quad.

Although, for some reason Vucinic was wearing a second uni, but no second set of shorts. Of note, check out Francesco Totti's beauty of a goal as well.

See all the tighty whitey splendor in the video below.

[H/T 101 Great Goals]


Andrew said...

Avoiding falling over while running and taking off shorts > the goal

Goat said...

This does nothing to dispel those Italian soccer players are gay rumors.