Friday, December 19, 2008

Methinks With that Name He Had Some Sort of Cosmic Advantage

First off, thanks to everyone who entered. We had about 25 total entries, which is a pretty solid voter turnout. And, given the results, I can say one thing without reservation: God, you people suck at prognosticating.

Cosmo was our winner, getting five of eight match-ups correct.

Roma v. Arsenal
Liverpool v. Real Madrid
Bayern Munich v. Sporting Lisbon
Porto v. Atletico Madrid
Man U v. Inter Milan

Well done. The rest of you were collectively pathetic.

Nobody else got more than three correct. Eight people got only two correct and seven people posted a clean sheet. Predicting the future is hard stuff.

If I were a psychic, I'd raise my rates. That's our takeaway from this anyway.

Cosmo, to collect your prize, use the email listed on the right side gutter of the page. For the rest of you, thanks for playing. Once the knock-out matches roll around in February, we'll have a bracket contest.


Adam said...

At least I got 3, I didn't think I'd get crap. But I'm disappointed that my article about how american soccer needs a style and it'll start when all the haterz stop hating on miami and they get an MLS team, is gonna have to wait.

congrats to cosmo

The Fan's Attic said...

why don't you just go ahead and submit that article? we'll see what we can do with it.

jjf3 said...

Now that we've proven as a community (minus cosmo) that we all suck at predictions, I'm giving it another shot at predicting the EPL (likely with predictably poor results). Even after getting mocked by the games last week - 3 out of 10 results right, no correct scores (I probably should have used dice instead). Nada ventured, nada gained...

Rovers 2-0 Stoke (new manager bounce)
SFB 1-0 Pompey (Adams in trouble)
Fulham 1-0 Boro (could see 2-0)
Hull 3-1 Sunderland
West Ham 1-2 Villa
WBA 1-1 Citeh
Newcastle 2-2 Spurs (late equalizer)
Arsenal 2-1 Pool (this is Arsenal against a good team, this is Arsenal on drugs...)
Everton 0-3 Chelski (Le Sulk and Drogs rampant - 0-5 wouldn't surprise me)

Adam said...

I'll have a crack on incorrectly predicting this weekend too.
Blackburn 1-1 Stoke
Fulham 2-1 Boro
Hull 4-2 Sunderland
West Ham 0-3 Villa
WBA 0-1 Citeh
Newcastle 1-2 Spurs
Arsenal 2-2 Liverpool
Everton 0-2 Spartak

Yeah those are all wrong

Adam said...

and I didn't even include the SFB match..
SFB 3-1 Pompey

jjf3 said...

Good luck, Adam!

I have no clue what I'm doing (see: my results), but I actually enjoy putting my WAG's out there for humiliation later. It keeps me honest inside my head...otherwise I'd tell myself that "I knew Boro would draw Arsenal, but, no, I just had to be different" BS...

jjf3 said...

where'd the fat blue guy go, or did someone spike my beer when I wasn't looking?

jjf3 said...

I'll quietly walk away before my brain asplodes...

couldn't believe you left the Norwich/Them game alone BD, but now you suddenly reappear? I'm going to bed right now while I still think I know which fake G-d I pray to...